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April 2023

13rd – MondayStaff meeting
24th – TuesdayClasses commence for the Academic session 2023-2024(for classes LN, IX, X AND XII)
35th – WednesdayClasses commence (for classes I to VIII)
46th – ThursdayClasses commence for UN and Kindergarten
57th –  Friday (HOL)Good Friday
610th – MondayFoundation day
711th  – TuesdayClasses commence for class XI/ Orientation of parents (Class IA & IB)
812th – WednesdayOrientation of parents (class IC & ID) and (Class IIA and IIB)
913th – ThursdayCollection of school Diary forms, Health forms/ orientation of parents (class IIC & IID)
1014th – Friday (HOL)Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s birthday
1115th – Saturday (HOL)Bengali new year
1217th MondayOrientation of parents (class IIIA, IVA, VA)
1318TH TuesdayOrientation of parents (class IIIB, IVA, VB)
1419th WednesdayOrientation of parents (Class IIIC, IVC, VC)
1520th ThursdayOrientation of parents (Class IIID, IVD, VD)
1621st FridayOrientation of parents (Class VIA, VIIA, VIIIA)
1722nd Saturday (HOL)Id-Ul-Fitre
1824th MondayOrientation of parents (class VIB, VIIB, VIIIB), Unit Test X, XII
1925th TuesdayOrientation of parents (Class VIC, VIIC, VIIIC)
2026th WednesdayOrientation of parents (Class VID, VIID, VIIID)
2128th FridayUnit Test for classes X, XII
2229th Saturday (HOL)Parent orientation X, XII, Prize distribution practice

May 2023

11st MondayMay Day
22nd TuesdayMay Day – Special Assembly unit test X, XII
33rd WednesdayCreative Writing (English) Class III upwards
44th ThursdayCreative Writing (Hindi/Bengali) Class III upwards
55th FridayOrientation of parents (Class IX). Unit test X, XII
66th SaturdayOrientation of parents (Class XI), Prize distribution practice
78th MondayUnit test X, XII
89th TuesdayRabindra Jayanti – Special Assembly
912th FridayPrize Distribution
1015th MondayUnit test X, XII
1118th ThursdayInspection of school diary, unit test X, XII/Summer vacation commences
1219th Friday Summer vacation starts

 June 2023

111th  SundaySummer Vacation ends
212th MondayTeachers’ Co-ordination meeting, school reopens for classes X & XII
313th TuesdayUnit test classes X, XII  starts
416th FridayUnit test classes X, XII ends
519th MondaySchool reopens after summer vacation (classes I, IX & XI) Unit test classes X, XII
621st WednesdayEnglish language assessment (classes X & XII)
722nd ThursdayDrawing competition (KG and Class I to IV)
823rd FridayProject work, unit test for classes X, XII
924th SaturdayOpen house for pre-primary section
1026th MondayProject work starts
1128th WednesdayProject work ends
1229th ThursdayId-Uz-Zoha
1330th FridayProject work, house/clubactivity, unit test for classes X, XII

July 2023

13rd MondayInter-section elocution (English) (Classes I& II)
24th TuesdayAssessment (classes I to XII)
35th WednesdayInter-house elocution (English) (classes III-IV)
46th ThursdayInter-house reading, book mark and dog corner designing
57th FridayHouse/club activity
610th MondayInter house dance performance with recitation (class VI)
712th WednesdayAssessment (classes I to XII)
813th ThursdayInter house extempore ( class VII and VIII)
914th FridayInter house  mathemagic quiz (class V and VI)/ House/ club activity
1020th ThursdayAssessment (classes I to XII)
1121st FridayInter house mathemagic quiz (class VII & VIII)/House/ club activity
1224th MondayAssessment (Classes I to XII)
1328th FridayAssessment (classes I to XII) HOUSE/ CLUB ACTIVITY
1429th Saturday (HOL)Muharram
1531st MondayInter house heritage quiz contest (class VII & VIII)/ Inspection of school diary

August 2023

11st TuesdayInter section story telling (classes I& II)
22nd WednesdayInter house story telling (classes III&IV)
33rd ThursdayInterHouse Heritage Quiz contest (Classes VII and VIII)
44th FridayOpen house
55th SaturdayOpen house
68th TuesdayTraffic awareness workshop (Classes VII and VIII)
710th ThursdayInter house Hindi & Bengali elocution (classes V&VI)
811th FridayInter house Hindi & Bengali elocution (classes III & IV)
914th MondayInterHouse Mathemagic Quiz (Classes V and VI)
1015th Tuesday (HOL)Independence Day celebration
1116th WednesdayInterhouse Mathemagic Quiz (Classes VII & VIII)
1228th MondayHalf yearly/ Selection examination commences

September 2023

15th TuesdayTeacher’s day
26th Wednesday (HOL)Janmastami
314th ThursdayHalf yearly/ Selection examination ends
415th FridayTerm break
518th MondayAnnual term begins
626th TuesdaySOF  International English Olympiad
727th WednesdayInspection of school diary
828th Thursday (HOL)Fateha- doaz daham

October 2023

12nd Monday (HOL)Gandhi Jayanti
23rd  TuesdayInter house cookery competition (Classes IX-XII)
36th FridayInter house Basketball competition
412th ThursdayReport card Distribution
513th FridayReport card Distribution
614th Saturday (HOL)Mahalaya
717th TuesdaySOF – National Science Olympiad Examination
818th Wednesday (HOL)Puja vacation commences
921st Saturday (HOL)Durga puja Maha Saptami
1022nd Sunday (HOL)Maha Ashtami
1123rd Monday (HOL)Maha Navami
1224th Tuesday (HOL)Bijoya Dashami
1328th Saturday (HOL)Laxmi puja
1430th MondaySchool re-opens
1531st TuesdaySOF International Mathematics Oympiad

November 2023

11st WednesdayProject work/ unit test classes X, XII
22ND ThursdayProject work/ unit test classes X, XII
33rd FridayProject work/ unit test classes X, XII
46th MondayProject work/ unit test classes X, XII
58th WednesdayProject work/ unit test classes X, XII
610th Friday (HOL)School closes for Kalipuja / Deepawali
712th SundayDeepawali/Kalipuja
814th  TuesdayChildren’s day
920th MondaySchool reopens
1022nd WednesdaySpelling competition (KG to class IV)
1123rd ThursdayInter house JAM competition (class VIII-XII)
1227th Monday (HOL)Guru Nanak’s birthday
1328th TuesdayAssessment / SOF  National Cyber Olympiad Examination
1430th ThursdayInspection of school diary

December 2023

14th MondayAssessment
25th TuesdayPre final class (X) commences
36th WednesdayPre final class XII commences
49th SaturdayAnnual Programme (practice)
513th WednesdayAssessment
615th FridayPre final class X,XII ends
716th SaturdayAnnual Programme (practice)
820th WednesdayAnnual Programme (sports)
921st ThursdayAnnual Programme (sports)
1022nd FridayWinter vacation commences for students
1125th MondayChristmas day

January 2024

12nd TuesdaySchool Reopens
24th ThursdayAssessment
38th MondayAssessment
418th ThursdayResult class XII / International Social Studies Olympiad and International Commerce Olympiad
522nd MondayResult class X
623rd Tuesday (HOL)Netaji’s birthday
726th Friday (HOL)Republic day
829th MondayInspection of school diary
930th TuesdayOpen house and Exhibition
1031st WednesdayOpen house and Exhibition

February 2024

114th WednesdaySaraswati Puja
219th MondayAnnual Examination Commences

March 2024

125th Monday (HOL)Doljatra
226th Tuesday (HOL)Holi

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