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As the name suggests, quite appropriately, its logo is the planet Earth. ‘To strive to seek , to find and not to yield’ is the motto which inspires the students of this House to aspire to greater heights.

House Mistress’s message (2014-15)

To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”. We should always strive or work hard to achieve our goals and overcome the hurdles we face without giving up.

– Tanusree Sur


The brilliance of a Ruby and the energy of ‘Fire’ – the House logo define the students belonging to this House. ‘Red’ is their color and the members of Ruby House believe that ‘To dare to dream’ despite all odds is what sets them apart.

House Mistress’s message (2014-15)

Work hard and help Ruby House to achieve the highest peak of success. We must make our motto “Dare to Dream” a grand reality.

– Kuheli Saha


Blue is the colour of Sapphire and the students of this House are as calm and unperturbed as their logo – ‘water’. They live by their motto ‘To be pure in all endeavour’.

House Mistress’s Message (2014-15)

Keep striving till you reach your goal. Let “Aim for the Skies” become your motto.

– Smita Roy


Dazzling and radiant as the sun, the House colour is that of golden sunshine. Like the Sun, which is their logo, they bring the promise of a new tomorrow and follow their motto of ‘To bring hope where there is none’

House Mistress’s Message (2014-15)

In the year 2014-15 we hope to reach the pinnacle of success in every field of competition . So girls, GEAR UP to reach our goal.

– Shipra Ganguly

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