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Computer Laboratory

School has two state of the art computer laboratories. Updated and new All-in-one Desktops have been installed with extremely good power backup. Highly qualified teachers are present in order to help and guide the students whenever needed. Each laboratory has good internet connectivity.

Smart Classrooms

We have smart classrooms equipped with interactive panels and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is here that learning becomes magical as our students are transported to the realms of the imagination and can pick up nuances of languages, travel to parts of the world as part of a history or geography lesson and learn more about life as a whole through audio-visual aids.


A well stocked library with internet facility is in the making. The books on offer have been selected carefully to suit diverse tastes and to provide opportunities for our students to indulge in a creative use of their leisure hours. A collection of audio-CDs as well as DVDs of all time classics has been made available to widen the horizon of our students and to make learning go beyond the text and the class-room.


Laboratories are places where young minds are thrown open to a plethora of wonders and discoveries. It is a room where questioning minds seek answer and in pursuit of which they go through an enlightening journey. Laboratories – Where Magic of the Known and Unknown simmers in and out. The school has the facility of well equipped Biology, Physics, Chemistry and History and Geography Labs. At Shaw Public School students compulsorily attend the laboratories every week for a comprehensive understanding of the various theories.

Art Room

Dabbling with colours, expressing one’s creativity and giving shape to their feelings on canvas – these are experiences that our students share in the art room, with a trained teacher to guide their strokes and perfect their art. Here, they can be free to give vent to their creativity and colour their dreams with the colours of their choice, with their souls unfettered by the constraints of time and place.

Play Room

Shaw Public School comes with a complete package of play and re creational facilities. Along with the regular park for the tiny tots of our school the school also provides a pay pen(area) where our little angels could indulge without bothering about rains or Sun.

Play Area

The lush well maintained patch of green, hedged with shrubs and seasonal flowers offers delightful respite to the Shaw Public School family. With slides and swings for the little ones, the play area is a sight for sore eyes. Add to that a basket ball court for the young adolescents to burn their energy and learn the art of competition. A badminton court has been newly facilitated for further channelizing one’s impulses and for encouraging the spirit of sportsmanship.


Our infirmary is a cozy and re-assuring place for minor ailments. A qualified nurse present during school hours gently administers medicines and soothes all those needing first aid and gentle reassurance. Equipped with two beds and a well stocked first aid kit and medicine cabinet, our students are well cared for and seldom miss their mothers while in school!

Staff Room

The four staff-rooms accommodate 100+ teachers – all of whom have individual work-stations and locker space. The rooms are buzzing with activity throughout the day. This is the nexus for all creativity, where new and interesting ideas take shape. It is a happy and busy place and there is plenty of room for conversation, laughter and a vision for a better tomorrow shared by all.

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