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Years ago a vision was born in the heart of Behala. This was a vision of love, born in the faith of a simple and modest human being, the Late Narayan Shaw who believed that all children were of worth and that they deserved to have an access to education. With this foremost in his mind, he formed the Shaw Education Foundation which has successfully catered to the educational needs of the community in and around Behala through the National Gems Higher Secondary School. To carry forward this legacy of their father the Late Narayan Shaw, and in fond and loving memory of their mother, Late Parbati Devi, their children established this girl’s school named Shaw Public School in 2006.

Principal’s Message

Greetings to all my students,

Education has become synonymous with schools, chiefly because society attributes schools a very special place in imparting education to children and making them high achievers. Shaw Public School started its journey in the year 2006 and since then has come a long way. Situated in the heart of Behala, the school boasts of a sprawling campus with a basketball court, a badminton court and a children’s park with the beautiful school building standing tall and colorful behind it. This beauty and color is not merely external: we at Shaw Public School believe that beauty and glory lie innate in all the humble things of life and therefore we strive to awaken our students to it.

Like all other schools our obvious aims are to attain excellence in all spheres of activities and make learning a rich and varied experience. However pursuit of academic excellence is not our only goal. We hope to be able to teach our students in their growing years four very simple things—-to feel, to think, to do and to share happily and confidently in a world torn by Greed and Strife. Our team of teachers is committed to the thought that each and every child has potential enough that only needs to be ignited by the right touch of life and motivation. This thought is further propelled by our love and care that gently urges our students to blossom into strong and vibrant personalities endowed with a feeling of empathy and a compelling sense of purpose. We at Shaw public School also believe that it is important to sensitize the young ones to the challenging adversities of the times and guide them and strengthen them so that they learn the two most powerful words of life: I Can. This not only allows them to dream and to be able to shape their own future but also helps them to create a better world in which they can live proud and contented lives. In short Shaw Public School grooms and hones the potential of students through constructive motivation where they develop into well balanced and wholesome personalities and eventually learn to imbibe the most important lesson of life which is how to live with others in peace and in happiness and thus become the real achievers in life.

The highlights of the CISCE Board Results declared in May 2016 shows steadfast academic work. The school average in ICSE was 83.3% and Diya Nag Chaudhury secured the school highest with 97.8% . In ISC segment the school average was 82.06% and Swatirtha Roy scored the school highest with 96.25%.

As we continue to grow and evolve we earnestly hope that we will be able to remain a true centre for learning where our young ladies will be given a wholesome education.

Tapashi Sengupta
Principal, Shaw Public School

Our Vision

Shaw Public School established in 2006 and managed by the Parbati Devi Memorial Foundation is a school with a difference. Located in the heart of South Kolkata, it has the unique vision of providing the girl child with an educational experience that is the richest and most exciting possible in an atmosphere that provides support, encouragement and care for everyone.

  • We at Shaw Public School would want our students to live happy and fulfilled lives.
  • We would value love and family and friendship, passion for some things in life, an interest in and respect for others and the chance of challenge and achievement.

Our Moto

We believe that Sincerity and Perseverance lead to Success.

Success, for us, is not material prosperity alone and the ‘right education’ for us lies not in self-oriented goal seeking but in building love, empathy and unconditional caring.

Our Ethos

We believe that –

  • Each child is special, has a wealth of potential and talent and must be given equal opportunities for growth and development.
  • Our pupils must enjoy school life and feel that they are a part of a Community that cares.
  • Material prosperity alone is not the measure for success.
  • Children learn best when the home and school work together and thus parents are a very important part of our family at Shaw Public School.

Our Aim

We wish to inculcate in our students:

  • A sense of discipline and punctuality.
  • Leadership with a sense of team work and fair play.
  • Purity of thought and environment.
  • Emotional balance, adaptability, helpfulness and a sense of gratitude.
  • Tolerance, respect for others, the fearlessness of truth and faith in God to empower her as a strong and confident Indian woman.
  • The ability to face adversity, find joy and the warmth of friendship and laughter to make life meaningful.
  • Love for Nature and concern for the environment.
  • An understanding and appreciation of India’s rich and diverse culture. Our aim is to develop in young people the skills and abilities they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and success.

We hope to build :

  • A strong sense of honesty and sincerity in all effort and endeavour.
  • A concern for the less fortunate-to be caring and compassionate to others.
  • The freedom and ability of creative and fluent expression in English and the mother tongue.
  • A questioning mind and a spirit of adventure to foster excellence in academic and all other pursuits.

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