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Pre Primary School Admission

Nestled in the vibrant city, Shaw Public School stands out as one of the best pre primary institutions, offering a unique blend of education and fun for your little ones. At our school, we understand the importance of the early years in shaping a child’s future. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing a safe, stimulating, and engaging environment that nurtures each child’s natural curiosity and love for learning.

Our pre primary program goes beyond conventional teaching methods, incorporating innovative approaches to make learning a joyous experience. We believe in fostering creativity, building strong social skills, and instilling a sense of confidence in each child.

Age Criteria for Pre Primary School Admission

We understand the significance of age-appropriate learning and development, and thus, Shaw Public School follows carefully structured age criteria for pre primary school admission to different classes. Please take note of the specific birth date ranges and respective age limits for pre primary school admission:

1. Lower Nursery

Birth Date Range: 01st November, 2020, to 30th September, 2021

Age Range as of 1st April 2024: 2 Years 6 Months to 3 Years 5 Months

2. Upper Nursery

Birth Date Range: 01st November, 2019, to 30th September, 2020

Age Range as of 1st April 2024: 3 Years 6 Months to 4 Years 5 Months

3. Kindergarten

Birth Date Range: 01st November, 2018, to 30th September, 2019

Age Range as of 1st April 2024: 4 Years 6 Months to 5 Years 5 Months

4. Class 1

Birth Date Range: 01st November, 2017, to 30th September, 2018

Age Range as of 1st April 2024: 5 Years 6 Months to 6 Years 5 Months

5. Class 2

Birth Date Range: 01st November, 2016, to 30th September, 2017

Age Range as of 1st April 2024: 6 Years 6 Months to 7 Years 5 Months

Make sure that your child falls within the specified age bracket to get admission.

Fee Details for Pre Primary Admission

Here are the fee details for the upcoming Pre Primary School Admission in Kolkata:

1. Admission Fee

·         For Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery, and Kindergarten: Rs. 35,000/-

·         For Classes I to II: Rs. 45,000/-

The admission fee is a one-time payment required at the time of enrollment to secure your child’s place in the respective class.

2. Approximate Monthly Fees for the Session 2024-2025

Per Month: Rs. 3,620/-

This approximate monthly fee covers various educational expenses, facilities, and resources provided to ensure a conducive learning environment for your child throughout the academic session.

To be Noted

  • Original Birth Certificate has to be shown during the interview.
  • Donations are not to be accepted.
  • Fees will not be refunded in case of any withdrawal of admission.
  • Before withdrawing a student from the School, a month’s notice is to be given or a month’s fee in lieu of the notice.
  • The Transfer Certificate will be issued after ten days only on receipt of a written application from the parents or guardians.
  • Notwithstanding anything in the Prospectus, the Principal may, at her absolute discretion, request any parent to take her ward out of the school.

Striking Features of Shaw Public School

Shaw Public School boasts an exceptional educational environment designed to nurture and inspire young minds.

1. PlayGround

At Shaw Public School, we understand the importance of physical activity in a child’s overall development. Our expansive PlayGround provides a safe and stimulating space for children to engage in various sports and recreational activities. Parents can be assured that their children not only receive quality academic education but also have ample opportunities to enhance their physical well-being through play.

2. PlayRoom

The dedicated PlayRoom at Shaw Public School is a haven for creativity and imagination. Stocked with educational toys, interactive games, and age-appropriate learning materials, the PlayRoom encourages cognitive development in a fun and engaging manner. Our experienced staff ensures that play is not just a pastime but an integral part of the learning process.

3. Children’s Park

Shaw Public School recognizes the significance of nature in a child’s education. Our beautifully designed Children’s Park provides a serene outdoor space for students to connect with nature, promoting mental well-being and a love for the environment.

4. Smart Board Technology

Shaw Public School is committed to staying at the forefront of educational advancements, and our integration of Smart Board technology exemplifies this commitment. In every classroom, our state-of-the-art Smart Boards transform traditional teaching methods into interactive and dynamic learning experiences.

Why Shaw Public School?

·  Advanced Computer Laboratory

Shaw Public- the preschool in Kolkata takes pride in its two cutting-edge computer laboratories, furnished with the latest All-in-one Desktops and resilient power backup systems. Our exceptionally qualified teachers are committed to offering students thorough guidance and support. Each laboratory is outfitted with outstanding internet connectivity, guaranteeing a smooth learning experience in the digital domain.

· Smart Classrooms

At Shaw Public School, our intelligent classrooms are crafted to turn the learning process into a captivating experience. Featuring interactive panels and Wi-Fi connectivity, these classrooms transport students to imaginative realms during lessons. Whether delving into languages, virtually travelling the world for geography or history lessons, or unravelling life’s intricacies through audio-visual aids, our smart classrooms create an interactive and dynamic educational atmosphere.

· Library

Nestled at the core of cultivating diverse reading habits, our well-stocked library is set to include internet facilities soon. Thoughtfully curated books cater to a range of tastes, inspiring students to creatively make the most of their leisure time. Within the library, a collection of DVDs and audio CDs featuring timeless classics serves to expand the horizons of our students, taking learning beyond the confines of textbooks and classrooms.

· Laboratories

Laboratories act as centres of wonder and exploration, where young minds delve into both the known and the unknown. At Shaw Public School, we offer well-equipped Physics, Biology, and Chemistry labs. Students of the preschool in Kolkata actively participate in these labs every week, cultivating a thorough understanding of diverse theories and scientific concepts.

· Art Room

Within our art room, students liberate their creativity, expressing themselves through a vibrant palette and moulding their emotions onto canvas. With guidance from skilled teachers, students enjoy the liberty to explore and refine their artistic abilities. Here, the flow of creativity is unrestricted, allowing them to paint their dreams with the colours of their choosing, free from the confines of time and place.

Importance of Preschool Education

At preschool, kids build a strong foundation in pre-academic, social, and general life skills, which will help them do better in school and beyond. Here are a few reasons why preschool is important for children.

1. Helps Acquire Social Skills

In preschool, children engage in prolonged interactions with peers and individuals outside their families. This environment offers various opportunities for learning how to build friendships, collaborate, actively listen, and cultivate essential conversational skills.

Interacting with individuals beyond the family circle is a crucial component of a child’s educational journey. Developing effective communication skills with peers and teachers can contribute to a smoother educational experience in the long run.

Early socialization necessitates interaction and example-setting from adults. The acquisition of skills such as sharing and cooperation plays a pivotal role in social development. Professional guidance greatly enhances the benefits children derive from these experiences.

2. Prepares Youngsters to be Learners for Life

Preschool education is vital because it sets the foundation for children to become lifelong learners. Play serves as a powerful avenue for young children to acquire knowledge. When a child’s introduction to classroom learning is overly focused on academics, there’s a risk of diminishing their innate curiosity, potentially leading to disengagement from school.

Preschool enables children to learn in ways that captivate their interest, nurturing a positive connection with the learning process.

3. Help Children Develop Pre-Literacy Skills

In preschool, teachers employ a range of games and activities to aid children in developing pre-literacy skills. Kids learn rhymes to enhance their sound discrimination, play with magnetic alphabet letters while participating in alphabet songs, and engage in read-aloud sessions.

Children frequently cultivate a sense of joy and motivation to sustain their learning journey while grasping these fundamentals. Pre-literacy learning in preschool occurs seamlessly during activities that naturally captivate children, creating positive associations with reading.

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